Your first 5 minutes with Allma

Greetings and welcome to Allma — the Slack-native incident management collaboration tool.

Allma does not require you to adopt new tooling or process. We adopt your existing tooling and incident process. No need to extract yourself from your current incident workflows to spend time in a new, standalone web app — Allma plugs right into your existing work environment and systems. Work tool fatigue is real, our mantra is not another tool.

Allma gives you world-class incident guidance from 300+ Engineering Leaders. Leading you and your team through an incident, every step of the way. We also recognize teams have uniqueness in your incident processes— we offer max configurability and autonomy.

With Allma, no configuration is necessary to get started with incident collaboration. But if you'd like, you can customize severity levels, roles, and configure granular notification systems to keep teams informed.

Step 1: Installation Successful

🎉 Congrats! You've installed Allma and are already on your way towards enabling your whole company to work together on incidents.

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Step 2: Configure Severity Levels

We ship with default severity levels that align with most businesses needs. But you can add, edit, or delete any of the severity levels to match your existing business processes.

Slack's mrkdwn formatting is supported within the text fields. See Slack's formatting guidelines for examples.

Step 3: Configure Notifications

Allma provides an advanced notification system that gives users highly granular ways to make sure that the right teams are informed throughout an incident. Pick a channel, choose the events you would like to trigger a notification, and select which severity levels should trigger the notification.

Inform your #leadership channel when new SEV-0 incidents are created and resolved, keep your Customer Success teams up to date as you provide timeline updates, and have all the raw events filtering into your #engineering channel.


Step 4: Configure Integrations

Most integrations can be enabled by simply toggling them on. Reference the pages below for more information. You can always configure integrations later on the settings page.

API Integration

Step 5: Notify your team!

You've got the basics in place, and now you are ready to let your team know that you'll be using Allma to help manage your incidents.

Select the team members you want to notify, and customize your message to them. The users will get a message from Allma within Slack as well as an email with additional getting started information.

For more onboarding


Bonus final step: additional configuration within Allma's web app

All the settings listed above and more can be configured by heading to the settings page within Allma's web app.

Create and edit roles within the settings page, customize the Prerequisites for new role owners to accept and what their responsibilities should be.


We support Slack's mrkdwn formatting, so you can emphasize text, quotes, and include links to other resources as needed.

Keep everyone informed and updated with exactly the right information they need when they take any of the roles you've created.


From zero to 5 minutes: incident collaboration hero

You're now fully configured and ready for your first incident. Allma recognizes that incidents involve the entire company and puts team collaboration at the center. Allma supports your entire organization during an incident— bringing everything related to incident into Slack, automating incident workflows, making it clear who’s doing what and keeping folks across the company up-to-date with what is happening. That way teams can focus on mitigation and resolution.